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What Are the Differences Between Dependent and Independent Clauses?

A clause is a combination of a subject and a verb. Such as “the cat sat”. In this case, the subject is the cat and the verb or action is that it sat. This is also an independent clause in that it can stand alone as a clear sentence in its own right.

A dependent clause, however, does not stand in its own right as a sentence as it will be incomplete. It can be thought of as an incomplete thought. For example “because the cat sat”. This would make no sense on its own and requires some clarification: “after all that happened because the cat sat”.

In general, a dependent clause will be joined to an independent clause through subordinate conjunction or a piece of punctuation so that its meaning will become clear. For instance: “because the cat sat, the kitten stopped its play.”

Types of Dependent Clauses

There are three types of dependent clauses that you can use within your writing. Each of these types of clauses is described here:

Noun Clauses:

A noun clause will name a thing, place, person or even an idea. The following are some examples of the use of a noun clause:

  • Why he did that.
  • Whomever you think.
  • That you are watching.

Adverb Clauses:

The adverb clause will modify the verbs and will usually start with a subordinate conjunction. For example:

  • When the teacher gets here.
  • No matter how they consider it.
  • Before the water gets cold.

Adjective Clauses:

An adjective clause with modify the nouns. These start with a relative pronoun or at times with a subordinate conjunction. The following are examples:

  • That I gave him.
  • Why the film was a success.
  • Whom he left after the affair.

Most Common Dependent Clause Errors

Our free grammatically correct sentence checker will help you to identify issues with all of your clauses. It will help you to see if you have joined them as a comma splice when you should have used a different method of combining the clauses. It can also detect if you have simply added them together and created a run on sentence or failed to write the dependent clause correctly and formed a short sentence in need of our fragment corrector.

How to Avoid Issues with Punctuating Dependent Clauses

Whether you are confused over the clausal subject or simply are not sure if you have correctly joined the different clauses together in the correct way our google sentence corrector punctuation and grammar tool can help you. It can identify when you have used dependent clauses incorrectly as well as other related issues such as fragments and run on sentences.

Not only will our tool identify where they are in your writing it will also provide you with suggestions as to how to correct the issues within your writing. Whether correcting sentence fragments or joining your dependent clauses to an independent clause our tool shows you just what you must do to correct the problems within your writing.

How Can You Use Our Automatic Sentence Corrector?

Using our professional sentence corrector online is simple.

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