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Do I Need to Check My Sentence for Errors?

Submitting an essay that contains errors will always result in grades that are less than you would hope for. It is vital that you thoroughly check your work at all times to get the results that you need. Finding a sentence punctuation checker free is often something that you will need to do. Checking your writing manually is time-consuming and often unreliable so using a sentence correction tool to check your writing is often the most effective way to proofread your writing.

Using our punctuation sentence corrector gives you access to a powerful review of your writing that will be able to effectively highlight any issues that may lurk in your writing. Use of our tool will help you to ensure that the essay that you submit will be of a standard that will improve your grades.

Sentence Errors Made When Writing

Using an essay correcting tool will often highlight many issues with your first draft. We are all fallible and make mistakes within our writing on a regular basis. Even the best writers cannot avoid it. The following are just a few of the many mistakes that are made by students and can be picked up by our tool to punctuate this sentence for me online free:

  • Run on sentences: these are not simply long sentences as some mistakenly believe them to be. They are sentences in which there are two independent clauses without any punctuation to separate them. The fix is to split into two sentences or use appropriate punctuation.
  • Fragments: these are sentences which are incomplete, they do not contain either a subject or a verb or even both. These must be fixed by adding in the missing element to make the sentence complete.
  • Passive voice use: you are expected to use the active voice in your writing which means that the subject should be before the verb. Passive voice can be confusing as it is not always clear who the subject of the sentence is.
  • Subject-verb agreement: within your sentences, your verbs and subjects must agree with regards if they are singular or plural.

10 Most Common Mistakes and Rules for Their Correction

If you are to correct my sentence punctuation then you have to understand the rules. The following are some of the more common issues along with an explanation and example of their correct use to punctuate sentence:

  • Comma use: in general, commas are used to show where there is a pause in your sentence, such as this. Using excessive commas can make the sentence awkward while missing commas can make the meaning change such as: “Large dogs keep the gate closed.”
  • Incorrect full stop use: the full stop should exist at the end of the sentence and each sentence should contain one independent clause. If there are two clauses within the sentence that are not separated then this is considered a run on sentence and must be turned into two sentences or appropriate punctuation must be used between the clauses.
  • Question marks: these should only be used at the end of a sentence that is a question. Are you using them correctly?
  • Exclamation marks: many people use exclamation marks to show surprise or importance! Overuse, however, distills their power! You should only use them where they are truly needed to make the emphasis that you are looking for!
  • Semicolons: these are used when you separate two clauses that are related within the sentence; rather than using a full stop or period to break it into two sentences.
  • Colon use: the colon should be used to separate clauses. But when the second clause will expand, illustrate or explain the first.
  • Hyphens and dashes: a hyphen is used to connect two words. A dash, however, seeks to separate two clauses – it will be used with space either side.
  • Passive voice: always seek to use the active voice within your writing. Putting the verb first creates a passive sentence. The subject should be placed first before the verb for active voice.
  • Oxford comma use: when you make a long list you should include a comma before the last item in that list. This is valid for all types of documents such as essays, assignments, theses, dissertations, and journal articles.
  • Punctuation and speech marks: if you quote someone then you should use speech marks to enclose the repeated text. The final punctuation should be within the speech marks. “Like so.”

What Can Our Sentence Punctuation Checker Free Discover for You?

There are many mistakes that students commonly make with their work and our tool will be able to help you with eliminating them all in your writing. We provide you with a tool to punctuate my sentence online free. However, it can do a whole lot more in addition to providing you with correct grammar and a whole lot more:

  • Grammatical issues: from the use of the passive voice through to fragments and run on sentences our tool can help to highlight more than 400 separate grammatical issues.
  • Punctuation: from incorrectly positioned commas through to misuse of colons and semicolons we can show you how to punctuate a sentence.
  • Spelling problems: the tool uses a highly extended dictionary that will cover many different subject areas. It can also find words that are used in the wrong context.
  • Vocabulary: the tool does not just highlight problems. It can also help you to enhance your writing by suggesting alternative words that you could use.
  • Plagiarism: our free text editor also checks your work to ensure that it is completely unique so that you can avoid any copying issues.

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By using our proper sentence structure checker you will be able to ensure that all of your writing will be corrected quickly. It takes only a few minutes to put your writing through our tool and to ensure that it contains correct sentence punctuation and grammar.

Make full use of our sentence punctuation checker free so that you are assured of the best results from all of your writing every time.