How to Use Sentence Correction Tool

Do I Need to Correct My Sentence Online?

With so many essays to write it can be hard to get them all completed on time, let alone having time to revise and check them. Yet if you submit any paper that is less than your best you can be sure that your grades will suffer significantly. Using our sentence correction tool is one way to help you to ensure that your work will be thoroughly corrected before you submit it. Our sentence fixer online provides you with the quick comprehensive check that your work requires.

By using our reliable online English sentence correction you can be sure of always submitting work that will be of a standard that will help you to get the grades that you really want to get. It will save you a huge amount of time and help you to fully check all of your writing in just a few minutes rather than spending many hours on your review. Our free software is the answer to getting your writing fixed when you simply do not have the time left prior to submission.

What Are the Common Mistakes That You Can Make When Writing?

Even the most effective writers out there will make mistakes when they write. It is simply unavoidable. But knowing the mistakes that you commonly make is key to avoiding them when you are writing.

By knowing the most common mistakes you will be able to avoid them as well as identify them easily when you check your own work. Even while using online checkers, it would be very beneficial for you to be able to spot mistakes in your text and recheck whether your sentence checker app works correctly and accurately.

The following are just a few of the many mistakes that you could make within your writing:

  • Poor subject-verb agreement: a common mistake that students make, especially if English is not their first language, is one of having the subject and the verb not agree with one another. If your subject is singular then your verb form must also be singular.
  • Run on sentences: an independent clause is a subject and a verb and should be contained within your sentence. Having two independent clauses makes what is called a run on sentence. Run on sentence correction online is done with appropriate punctuation to split the two causes or in most cases splitting the sentence into two.
  • Passive voice use: there are two voices that you can use; active and passive. On the whole, your writing should employ the active voice as this is simply clearer to the reader. With an active voice the subject will precede the verb. While in the passive voice the verb will come first.
  • Sentence fragments: as already said a sentence should have a subject and a verb. If the sentence is lacking either or both of these then it is considered a fragment. Knowing how to correct a sentence fragment is by adding in the missing element to the sentence is therefore very important.
  • Plagiarism: the copied text is going to get you in some serious trouble. Your writing should always be done from scratch and if you do rewrite anything it must be unique.
  • Using an apostrophe when creating a plural: often people use an apostrophe before the s when they make something plural. The apostrophe before the s is only to show possession.
  • Oxford comma use: within any academic writing you should ensure that you include a comma prior to the last item in any list.
  • Its and it’s use: when you use it’s you are meaning to say “it is” or “it has”.
  • Punctuation outside of speech marks: unless you are using British English the punctuation at the end of any sentence must lay within the speech marks used.
  • Excessive or missing commas: the comma should be used to show where there is a pause in the sentence. Incorrect use will make the sentence sound awkward.

Some Examples of Sentence Errors

The following are some examples of different types of errors that will be highlighted and corrected through our sentence corrector free online:

  • Run on sentence: The car ran out of control down the hill it failed to make the final bend successfully.
  • Fragment: Begins after Wednesday.
  • Passive voice: A bicycle was ridden by Jack.
  • Incorrect comma use: Dogs please close the gate.
  • Incorrect use of apostrophes: The shed’s are built from steel.

sentence correction tool online free

Why Is It So Easy to Use Our Free Sentence Correction?

Using our sentence quality checker app is so simple and offer you so many benefits with your writing. Our online essay editor can provide you all of the following with just a few clicks of your mouse:

  • Offers a wide range of checks: the software is not limited to only checking for your grammar. It can also check for spelling errors, issues with your punctuation, plagiarism, vocabulary problems and much more besides.
  • Can be accessed from anywhere: there is no download if you want to use the software to check text online. Simply navigate to the tool to make use of it 24/7.
  • It provided instant help: the software itself takes just seconds to use and to provide you with a full analysis of your writing highlighting all issues that it finds.
  • Free of charge: we do not expect any payment for the use of our highly effective and accurate checking tool.
  • No limitations: you can use our tool as often as you like to check anything from a single sentence right through to lengthy manuscripts.
  • Can be used on any form of writing: from business reports to academic journal articles the tool is able to adapt to all forms of writing in all subject areas.
  • Full plagiarism testing: you will never be picked up for copying as the tool will be able to highlight any text that is seen as copied within your writing.
  • Constant checking: if you want, you will be able to download our Chrome browser extension so that the software will be able to make real-time corrections.
  • Full correction suggestions: you will not be left scratching your head wondering how to fix the problems highlighted. The tool offers detailed explanations and suggestions for changes to fix the issues that it highlights.
  • High levels of accuracy: the tool is not going to overlook issues because it is tired or distracted.

How Can I Correct My Sentence Online Free?

Our sentence fixer truly is simple to use. All you must do to unleash the power of our tool is to follow these simple steps:

  • Copy the text that you need checking into the box provided within the tool and click to start the software.
  • Your writing is carefully reviewed for hundreds of issues in just a few seconds.
  • Review the issues and suggested fixes and implement the changes that you want to accept.
  • Paste the newly corrected writing back into the document that it came from.

Put your writing into our sentence correction tool and you can submit writing that you can be proud of every time.