Learn 6 Traits of Writing and Check Sentence Structure Online

Should You Find Sentence Structure Help?

With so many essays to write and so little time available to you, it is not surprising that so many students submit essays unchecked. They simply do not have the time to effectively review their work to remove any issues and as such end up with lower grades than they were hoping for. Looking for a check sentence structure online tool is often the way around this. Our free run on sentence checker app is able to provide you with the help that you need to submit work of a high standard without spending many hours checking your work.

No one can write perfectly, even the best students out there make mistakes. Yet finding mistakes in your own writing can be almost impossible. This is why our correct sentence structure checker is such a useful tool for you to use. You can effectively check your writing and uncover issues that you may have otherwise missed in just a few minutes.

Six Traits of Writing. Six plus One Traits of Writing. What Are the Traits?

Creating good writing will depend on you getting the 6 plus 1 traits of writing spot on. Each of these is an important part of getting your writing right. So it is important that you know what are the 6 traits of writing if you are to be able to improve your written work. The following are the 6+1 traits that you need to consider within your writing:

  • Ideas: this the meaning and the message that you will develop through your writing.
  • Organization: this is how you structure the whole of your piece of writing.
  • Voice: this is how you will bring your words to life within your writing.
  • Word Choice: this is the strength of the vocabulary that you use to get your meaning over.
  • Sentence fluency: this how your sentences flow within the whole of your work.
  • Conventions: these are the mechanical rules that you have written by such as your grammar guide.
  • Presentation: this is the overall view of how you have put your piece of writing together.

What Is Sentence Fluency?

Writing for your audience you will want to keep their attention. This means ensuring that each and every sentence is capable of impressing the reader in its own right. It also means avoiding many issues that will cause them to become unhappy with your writing such as starting every sentence with the same phrase each time.

The following is a checklist to help you to access the fluency of your sentences:

  • Do all of your sentences have different openings?
  • Have you varied the lengths of your sentences?
  • Do sentences flow well and capture your attention?
  • Do sentences and paragraphs flow well into one another?
  • Does the writing read well aloud?
  • Is writing easy to understand?
  • Is there a good rhythm and sound to the writing?

How Can You Improve Your Sentence Fluency?

Using our free online grammar and sentence structure checker will certainly help you to improve all conventions within your writing. It will also help you to better focus on the fluency of your writing.

Improving sentence fluency comes from awareness and of course practice. The more you write and the more feedback that you receive, the quicker you will be able to improve your writing in all aspects.

How Do You Use Our Grammatically Correct Sentence Checker?

Our website to check sentence structure is a tool that will take only a few minutes to undertake the checks that could take you hours. It provides you with an efficient and effective way to quickly check grammar and sentence structure for free. Using our professional tool to check my sentence punctuation, grammar and spelling is really simple:

  • Copy and paste the text that requires checking into the space that is provided on the tool and click the button to start the checking process.
  • The algorithms will quickly check through your writing in just a few seconds to highlight any issues that they discover within your writing.
  • Work through the issues that have been highlighted and use the suggestions and advice provided to implement the necessary changes to your writing.
  • Copy the correct text back into the document that it came from.

Check sentence structure online using our effective tool to ensure that all of your written work is of the highest standard.