Where Can I Correct My Sentence Grammar?

Why Use a Tool to Rewrite My Sentence for Me?

If you submit an essay that has any errors within it you can be sure that you will not get the grades that you are chasing after. Yet getting the time to thoroughly check all of your writing is often impossible which is why you may want to try our sentence changer generator free. By using our tool correct my sentence grammar online for free you can quickly check your writing for many hundreds of potential problems that may be lurking within your writing.

Our tool can check my sentence for grammar errors and a host of other issues. By using it regularly you can build up an essay checklist that you can use when writing so that you can even start eliminating making those mistakes when you write.

Why Is Good Grammar Important in Your Writing?

Using good grammar is not just about getting good grades. There are many other reasons for worrying about “is my sentence grammatically correct.” The following are just a few of the main reasons why you should be always looking to have perfect grammar in your writing:

  • It makes a good impression: someone reading your writing is going to come away with a poor opinion of you if your writing is poor. While good language use will help you to impress the reader.
  • Better communication: well-written work without grammatical errors is much easier to understand and the reader is less likely to misunderstand your message.
  • Flawless writing: you will be able to fully understand the many rules that surround our writing and be able to always execute your writing perfectly.
  • Improves confidence: once you are aware that your grammar is perfect you will gain far more confidence when you communicate your thoughts and ideas.
  • Improved business communications: grammar is not just for school and college. All of the issues surrounding good grammar use are as applicable beyond your education as they are within it.

What Rules Should You Follow to Make My Sentence Better?

There are many hundreds of grammatical rules that should be followed if you are to provide your reader with writing that they will understand. The following are just a few of the most common grammatical rules that people make mistakes with along with some examples of the punctuation and word correction required:

Run on Sentences

A sentence should have an independent clause that is made up of a subject and a verb if it is to stand alone. If the sentence has more than one clause, however, and there is no punctuation between those clauses, it will be considered a run-on sentence. Often the best way to fix any run on sentence is to split it into two separate sentences.

Examples of run on sentences and their correction:

  • Run on: The dog sat in the road paying no attention the dog was hit by the car.
  • Corrected: The dog sat in the road paying no attention. The dog was hit by the car.
  • Run on: Billy arrived in the class late he sat in his chair short of breath.
  • Corrected: Billy arrived in the class late. He sat in his chair short of breath.

Sentence Fragments:

Every sentence that you use should as a minimum have a subject and a verb. Without these, it will be considered a fragment. Fixing a fragment is usually achieved by providing the information that is missing from the fragment such as for the following:

  • Fragment: Gave many excuses but none of them valid.
  • Corrected: Billy gave many excuses, but none of them valid.
  • Fragment: Smashed the glass and ran from the room.
  • Corrected: Maisy smashed the glass and ran from the room.

Passive Voice Use:

The expectation is that with the majority of your writing you will use the active voice. This is usually more concise and will make the subject obvious as the subject will always come before the verb in the sentence. With passive writing, the verb will come before the subject. The following are some examples:

  • Passive: The mat was sat on by the dog.
  • Active: The dog sat on the mat.
  • Passive: The air was leaped into by Maisy.
  • Active: Maisy leaped into the air.

Speech Marks and Punctuation:

Many writers get confused as to where they should be placing the final punctuation for the sentence that they are quoting. Should it be inside or outside of the speech marks? Unless you are using British English then the punctuation should always be inside the speech marks:

  • Incorrect: “The dog bit the postman viscously”!
  • Correct: “The dog bit the postman viscously!”
  • Incorrect: “Would this tip help you”?
  • Correct: “Would this tip help you?”

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How Can Your Tool Help Correct My Sentence Grammar?

Our professional tool provides you with all of the support you may need to edit my sentence online free. It will help you to “fix my sentence structure” by running through many hundreds of different checks on your writing. It can help with all types of writing from business proposals through to your thesis at university. Our online text editor is available to your 24/7 to ensure that you get the best from your writing.

It is quick and effective and will help you to answer “is my sentence correct?” Even if you only have a limited amount of time available to you to get the review done. The tool will check your writing for:

  • Grammatical errors
  • Spelling mistakes and words used out of context
  • Plagiarized content
  • Misuse of punctuation
  • Possible vocabulary improvements

Ensure that your writing will always be correct by using our effective and free tool to correct my sentence grammar every time.